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Whether in manufacturing industry, in building of pipelines, appliances or systems, in chemical or petrochemical systems, in conventional or nuclear power stations, our products and expertise stand for quality management and process reliability.


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Produkte und Lösungen von PTH  Produkte und Lösungen von PTH  Produkte und Lösungen von PTH

Our Products from A to Z:

A     M
Adhesive Tape     Magnifying Glass
Archieve Set     Magnetic Powder Suspension
B     Markers
Barrier Tape     Mini Lead Marker Tapes
C     P
Calibr. Field Strength Measuring Device     Pergamin Enveloped
Colour Contrast Penetrant     PMC Strips
D     PVC Cassettes
Darkroom Safelight     R
Densitometer     Reels for Lead Marker Tapes
Density Strips     Rubber Tape
Dose Measuring and Warning Units     S
Dosemeter     Scatter Radiation Cover Plates
Duplex-Wire     Scater Radiation Filters
E     Steelscreens
Elliptical tongs     Stepped-Hole Image T. Object
F     Strips
Film Hangers     Supplies for Tank Processing
Film Holders     T
Film Viewing Units     Timing Equipment
Folding Stand     U
G     UV Measuring Devices
Gloves     W
H     Warning Signs, etc.
Hand Lamps     Wire Penetrameters
Hand Magnets     X
Heat Seal Envelope     X-Ray Films (punched)
I     X-Ray Cassettes
Industrial - Cleaning – Films     Z
L     Zero-Point Punch Stamp
LED Viewing Units      
Luminance Density Measuring Unit      
Lead Marker Tapes      

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